Almost dressed up

From isolation, from home, with this denim jacket I bought last year at Camden Market. I am currently taking courses about sustainable fashion and I have to say that I am really passionated about the subject. Trying to buy less but better is my new goal. Being careful about the raw materials that are in our clothes and being mindful about who made our clothes had became very important to me. That does not mean that I will throw away my clothes from fast fashion. It means that I would like to reduce waste by buying clothes or shoes that I will keep for years. It also means that I will try to favor sustainable brand the most. I have to say that I am already used to recycle my clothes. I am also used to buy second-hand clothes as all my Levi’s jeans and shorts are from Camden and Shoreditch second-hand boutiques. But now that I am more aware about sustainability, I will be happy to continue on this path with even more convictions.

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